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Dale Ireland (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 07:27:49 -0800

All three TV network affiliate stations here in Seattle had it as their top story at 11pm Friday, 2hrs after the event. All showed a pretty good video with three large pieces and dozens of smaller ones and even trees in the foreground giving scale and a good determination of angular speed. They all initially thought it was Leonid related but a couple stations actually had a live spokesman at Norad who explained it was the predicted russian booster and this was the accepted explanation by all the news agencies within a short time.
Unfortunatly, sanity didn't last long. The next day, saturday, the CBS station KIRO 7 ran a longer article about the event on the 5pm news with only one "expert"... yes you guessed it, a local UFO nutcase explaining why it could NOT have been a reentry and was of course "strange and unexplained"  ...sad sad sad


At 11:40 PM 11/16/97 PST, you wrote:
>There's an article on the CNN website about the reentry associated
>with the Kupon Proton launch at:
>I used the Usenet search engine at to look for
>online articles about the event.  It was both fascinating and ultimately
>sad to read some of the very bizarre theories expounded on some of the
>alt.* lists.  It's hard to tell if some of the posters are serious, or
>are just having some fun.
>To see for yourself, go to and click on SEARCH FILTER
>to start with Nov 14 97.  After the search filter is setup, do a keyword
>search like:
>  (washington or vancouver) and (meteor or ufo)
>It's tempting to send e-mail to the ones who loudly claim it cannot be a
>re-entry, and explain how the event was predicted in advance; we have
>the archives to prove it.  Then again, I'm not sure I want -some- of those
>people to know my e-mail address.  :-)  There was, thankfully, one voice in
>the wilderness who cross-posted to some of the alt.* ufo fringe groups
>how he used Satspy 2.0 and the NORAD 30-day decaying TLE file to confirm
>that the object was indeed a re-entry.  Hallelujah!
>Something I did find intriguing were the multiple claims that NORAD said
>the object crashed into the Pacific.  That does seem to contradict many
>eyewitnesses who saw the debris trail go inland.  I suppose it's possible
>the lighter debris continued on, with the heavier pieces falling into the
>Pacific.  Is there an official NORAD announcement on the net?  I poked
>around and didn't find one.
>I did find some reentry photos at but the
>quality could be better.  Does anyone else know of other photos/videos on
>the web?
> Craig Cholar
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