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Ron Rennie (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 10:27:57 -0800 (PST)

Hi Everybody

My name is Ron Rennie and I live in Lomita, which is about twenty miles
south of Los Angeles.    I am a keen amateur astronomer and videographer who
has recently turned to dicovering how I can best use my equipment to making
feature videos of launches from Vandenberg, one of  which has been aired on
Public Access TV in Ventura County.

I was at Vandenberg AFB for the launch of the DMSP satellite in April, but
unfortunately low cloud at the base limited our viewing of the flight to
five seconds.   Not to be outdone by the clouds this time we went to the top
of a 4,200 foot mountain that overlooks the base, and the flight path.   I
got good shots including audio of the countdown, and video of the ignition
through to the final shutdown, which show the missile lifting off and
looping over Venus, then moving towards Jupiter before dipping towards the
horizon.    My intention is to edit my footage into a feature length video
and offer it to Public Access outlets.   If anybody is interested in copies
of this video, contact me and we will see what arrangements can be made.

Ron Rennie