Re: is sputnik ahead or behind mir?

jean monseur (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 19:34:32 +0100

Heard again Sputnik40 this morning, quite distinctly
from 9h52m to 9h59m UT at my location.

Recorded a .wav file. To whom could be interested
I can send, as attached to email, the file (170K).
It confirms that the bips frequence is about 84/min.
Moreover, calculation  by means of A.Pouplier's 
SATAP program gives a little higher orbit to Sputnik.
Hence Sputnik probably recesses constantly from its
jettison site, doesn't it ?

GPS  Latitude Nord : 49d 11' 8.65" 
         Longitude Ouest : 0d 22' 41.2" 
Altitude : 30 m