Floyd Weaver (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 00:15:48 -0500 (EST)

On 5 Nov 1997, Tobias, Lynn wrote:

> NAVSTAR II-28 launched at 19:30 EST (00:30 UTC 6 Nov) with successful spacecraft
> separation from the Delta third stage at ~00:55 on a nominal trajectory (~10,000
> by 93 nmi, ~35 deg. inclination).

	Is that 35 deg. inclination orbit correct? Or was the 55 deg that
I read earlier incorrect? I went out tonight to see if I could see this
launch, but since it was delayed by 22 minutes and I could not wait that
long (had to go to church), I miss any chance to see it. If it was sent
into a 35 deg inclination orbit I would not have been able to see it
anyway. The Friday Titan launch is to be into a 55 deg orbit, if I got it
right, but The forecast for us is for rain. :-(

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