Announcing SatSpy 2.5

Dave Cappellucci (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 15:18:01 -0700

SatSpy Version 2.5 is now available.  You can download a demo version from
my new website at  Registered users of Version 2.0
are eligible for a free upgrade.  See the website for details.

SatSpy 2.5 is an incremental update over Version 2.0.  It contains two new
major features:  new orbit propagators (SGP4 and SDP4, courtesy of T. S.
Kelso) and a new window type for tracking geosynchronous satellites. It
also contains several major usability improvements along with a handful of 
bug fixes.  

  Geosynchronous Satellite Window
  New Orbit Propagators (SGP4 and SDP4)
  Online Registration (Demo version)

  Smart selection.
  Improved Satellite Passes dialog. 
    Sortable by clicking on header buttons.
    Double-click to see new pass without closing dialog.
  Pan capability for zoomed windows.
  Print zoomed skytraces (single and multiple)
  Load duplicate elsets (multiple elsets for single satellite).
  New background colors for day vs. civil/nautical/astronomical
    twilight vs. night.
  Improved Elset Summary Dialog
  Improved 3D Orbit View Window
  Improved Groundtrace Window
  Onscreen clock now includes "seconds" field

  Increased Precision for Default Viewing Location
  Single Elset Files
  Very large elset files
  Better international support

Thanks to all of you who helped to make this release possible!

Dave Cappellucci

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