Non-USA Lat/Lon Servers

Jeff Hunt (
Wed, 5 Nov 97 10:19:29

Hello All,

I've added a link on the iridium.html page on the vso servers for the 
coordinate locator provided by Ed Cannon which is described below.

Thanks Ed!

Jeff Hunt <>
Visual Satellite Observer Home Page found at

--- On Wed, 05 Nov 1997 01:28:37 -0600  Ed Cannon <> 
wrote in part:

>Here's an alternative (non-map) way of finding coordinates of a 
>non-USA location (if non-USA browsers have access to it, which I 
>don't know):
>> The GEOnet Names Server (GNS) provides access to the National Imagery
>> and Mapping Agency's (NIMA) database of foreign geographic feature
>> names. ...
>> Select button to access Query Form .   ...
>You enter a locality name and country code and get a second button
>with a count of hits.  If it's too many, you can go back and refine
>the search using various parameters.  I entered the country Malta 
>and something like "Capital of Country" and got 3 hits, which proved 
>to be three of the same thing with the name in different languages.  
>You can also just enter a *range of coordinates*, which I tried for 
>the area around Brussels, Belgium.  This database has over 3,000,000
>geographic names, apparently all with lat/long!