Re: Sputnik 40 Observed

Bill Bard (
5 Nov 1997 10:07:25 -0500

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Date: 11/5/97 9:58 AM
From: James Byrd


On Wednesday morning November 5 at 05:37 EST (10:37 UTC) Mir was observed
during a visual pass here in southeast Virginia. I was looking for the
Sputnik 40 satellite in particular with 10x50 binoculars.

I am happy to report that I believe Sputnik 40 is visible slightly ahead
of the Mir complex and slightly to the east, perhaps less than 1000 =
away from Mir at this time. If anyone chats with David Wolf, could you =
him to confirm this observation? I would be much appreciated. 
This movement is consistent with previous observations of small objects
released from Mir. I observed the deployment of a similar student
satellite from Mir in 1995. After about 6 weeks it had drifted eastward
from Mir about a "fist width" at arms length and about the same in the
forward direction ahead of Mir.

I also want to mention that the brilliance of Sputnik 40 during this
morning's pass was very near my visual limit (approx. magnitude 10) with
my binoculars. 

On Friday November 7 we will get a Mir pass with a more favorable sun
reflection angle here, perhaps I will make another report again if the
weather is permitting. 

OIG should be in a position to catalogue Sputnik 40 soon, if not already
by this time.

Good day to all,

James E. Byrd WB5POJ
44 Sandra Drive
Newport News, VA 23608
757.864.5961 (ofc)

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