Re: Anybody ever had this Or

Bill Bard (
5 Nov 1997 07:32:49 -0500

One possible fix is to try to delete or move to another folder the =
default data and/or the element data. These are located in the preference =
folder of the system folder. One of them (or both?) may have gotten =
corrupt. You may want to write out the current data to a text file so you =
can try to load it in later.

If you still have problems, try sending a message to <>.

Date: 11/4/97 9:44 PM
To: Bill Bard
I've been running OrbiTrack on my Mac for two years now, and never had a 
problem I couldn't diagnose or fix until now.  Recently, upon editing 
the element sets manually, the program bombed out with a Type 1 error 
when trying to save the result.  Since Type 1 is usually related to an 
out of memory condition, I upped the allocated memory to OrbiTrack a bit 
several times, but with no improvement (the memory sounded plausible to 
me since my satellite data files grow weekly, and I thought perhaps it 
had gotten too big for the program load).

I find this puzzling, since I haven't done anything else to the program, 
and it runs predictions and real-time track just fine, as always.  I'm 
running the FPU 2.1.5 version.  I'd appreciate a response from anybody 
on SEESAT that's experienced a similar problem.  I hesitate to 
resinstall the program without first knowing more about what could of 
caused the problem.

Thanks in advance

Bill Moore