Re: SatSpy 2.5

Leigh Palmer (
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 16:28:01 -0800

At 3:34 PM -0800 11/4/97, wrote:
>Yes, it occured to me I could take an RA & Dec reading and get Voyager II to
>plot it against a background of stars from the Hubble Guide Star catalog.
>Barring a program that puts these to things together for me, that's what I'll
>probably do (when I can get around to it).

Seeing as you're using a Macintosh, why not try "Starry Night" instead?
It will do the satellite ephemeris calculation for you and simulate the
apparent motion of the satellite in accelerated or real time. I used to
use the output from Bill Bard's "Orbitrack" and plug it into "Voyager",
but now I prefer "Starry Night", even though entry of the Keps is not
so easy as it is with, say, "Orbitrack", a deficiency the developers
will address in future versions of "Starry Night".

See for a shareware version of "Starry Night".
I doubt that the satellite capability is built into it, however; you
will probably have to purchase the more expensive "deluxe" version to
get that.