MiniSputnik bips heard

jean monseur (
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 11:43:15 +0100

MiniSputnik heard twice this morning november 4
on 145.825 MHz at my location.
GPS  Lat. N.: 49d 11' 8.65"  Long.W.: 0d 22' 41.2"
Altitude : 30 m
1) for the Mir transit predicted 6h57m56s to 7h7m12s UT
(Alphonse Pouplier's SATAP)

2) for the Mir transit  predicted 8h34m13s to 8h43m21s
horizon to horizon.  Elements  date: october 30.
Rainy day. Mir transit predictions estimated correct.

Bips heard from 8h36m54s a 8h43m30s.
Frequence: 84 bips / minute.

As had been stated, Sputnik followed Mir  by a few minutes
time ( very approximately 2.7 minutes ).
Orbital elements would be welcomed.
For this case could a radioamateur comment the relation
between the location altitude and the radio reception ?