Re: Launch info for the next Titan-4

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 21:07:42 +1000

At 02:38 4/11/97 -0500, Floyd Weaver wrote:
>	How visivible will this be from the US east coast? It looks like
>it will be closer to the coast than a shuttle flight to Mir (55
>inclination orbit and a launch azimuth about ten degrees to the right of 
>the shuttles). Does the Titan-4 follow a similar path to orbit? I'd hope
>it climbs higher during powered flight than the shuttles 70 miles because
>then I will be able to see it higher than 10 degree elv. If any of you can
>give a good estimate of the launch time, to the narrow the offical two
>hour window, would be very helpfull. Any other pluses or minuses?
>	I saw one launch of the shuttle from the locate below and would
>enjoy seeing more.
Floyd, the object will be at 197Km or about 123miles at the
injection point about 9N of you and 15E of you.
Tony Beresford