Lacrosse 2 R / TiPS

Alexander Seidel (
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 00:08:40 +0100

I saw the Lacrosse 2 Rocket (91-17 B, NORAD 21148) passing southbound
through my local zenith this evening Nov 3 at UTC 1704,2 with mag +2.2
steady. This is -3.0 min (early) relative to predictions derived from a
TLE for this object in my latest available Molczan file, with the TLE
dated 97 267.18995579.

I also saw the TiPS satellite (96-29 F, NORAD 23937), culminating at 63
degrees over my NW horizon at UTC 1855, just as a small diffuse mag +7.7
object in 22x80 binocs. No details could be resolved. Are there any more
detailed optical characteristics from this object observed so far?

And another fine pass of EGP (86-61 A, NORAD 16908) with very sharp
quintuple mag +5 maxima and a (difficult to measure) flash period of 1.9
sec at UTC 1915,7 high up in the SSW.

Alex Seidel
N53.5932 E9.4683 6m