SeeSat-L posting "rules"

Thu, 21 Nov 1996 17:18:19 +0100 (CET)

Hi All,

In these days dominated by discussions of radio observations, I thought it
might be a good idea to post a few excerpts from the "Welcome" file for

SeeSat-L was created and intended to be a low-to-moderate volume mailing
list with high information content.
We would like to ask you not to post off-topic messages to SeeSat-L.  Also
not to comment on off-topic posting, except to us, the creators of the list,
Bart De Pontieu <> and Walter Nissen
<dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu>. So what is considered 'on-topic' then?
Discussions about any aspect of visual (!) satellite observing are welcome
of course, but the endless and inane bickering so frequently observed on
Usenet is not. New data (orbital elements, etc...) or news about
satellites is welcome, as are reports of observations (very much!). But try
to avoid reporting too many 'I saw this satellite' without any 'added value'
to it.
Try to avoid using large .sig files.  As you may know, the netiquette
maximum is 4 lines.  If you quote previous posts, please only quote the
parts relevant to your reply. Most people get pretty solid e-mail service,
so that you can assume they have read the post you're replying to.

SeeSat-L is read by many busy people and we try to respect the time it takes
them to read messages, by not asking them to read repetitive or
unproductive material.

[end quote from "Welcome" file]

Let me add that the appropriateness of messages for SeeSat-L can be hard to
judge sometimes, it's a thin line between on and off-topic content. 
Radio observations indicating the orbital elements of a satellite that is
interesting for visual observers are 'off'; that may be of interest.
Vague radio observations of an unknown object without any orbital elements:
that is off-topic in my book.

In case you're in doubt whether one of the messages you intend to send to
SeeSat-L is on or off-topic, please contact me. In general, just keep to
the guidelines and you'll be OK.

One thing I'd like to add to the above "rules" is that we really should try 
to avoid sending messages to SeeSat-L which just contain one line that is
meant to be witty or funny. Usenet is full of those things, and that may be
fine for Usenet; but it is not OK for SeeSat-L. Always remember that when
you send something to SeeSat-L, it is forwarded to over 350 subscribers.
Not all of them will be interested to hear you're very sorry that the 
Russian Mars mission didn't leave orbit. They will be interested to read
orbital elements though.

I'm going to crawl back under my rock now.

     Bart De Pontieu, SeeSat-L maintainer