Mysterysat in molniya orbit heard on 328.325MHz and 237.2

chris kalmar (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 07:44:02 -0600

I'm trying to match my aos los for carriers on these frequencies to
a satellite series in molniya orbits, namely russian comsats.
I want to identify the object associated with these carriers.
It could be Molniya, Vela, early warning, of US or Russia. 
There is a carrier on 237.2 and 328.325 with the following charactaristics:
Possible ranging or tracking signal, 328 with no mod, 237.2 with 400hz
bpsk sidebands. Each signal dopplers up before the carrier is dropped.
During a period of change the carriers may start wobbling (Loss of ground
station signal?)

Its been cloudy here this week so all I have are the signal. They are
from the north at high elevation until a satellite change.
At satellite change there may be a second carrier near the first on either
or both freqs.

Antenna is a discone (wide pattern omni) and I am building a beam
so I can pinpoint the satellite location.

I've been collecting time/doppler/frequency for several days now 
respond to email @ for a copy. or let me know if
you're familiar with these.