Re: Unidentified Flying Object

Geoff Chester (
Mon, 18 Nov 96 13:35:25 EST

 >Naturally the object is some kind of satellite. It could be very
 >interesting to know which one.
 >At approximately october 11, 0:15:48 UTC the object was at position:
 >0h 28m 45s
 >+59 19' 9"
 >45 seconds later the object was at position:
 >0h 29m 31s
 >+59 15' 40"
 >I know the direction of motion because a part of the track is also
 >visible at the images before and after in the time series.

Might it be possible that this is an LEO bird with a rapid flash period?
It does not necessarily imply that the object took 45s to cross the field.
If the trail "tapers" at both ends then I'd suspect a "flasher" was respon-
sible.  I don't have any archived elsets, so I haven't been able to run
QuickSat for that particular date, but I have a hunch we may be looking at
a flash from Cosmos 2322 R.....


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