Bjoern Gimle (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 07:19:46 +0100 (MET)

David Chapman wrote (and Jeff responded) :
>Hi everyone,
>        I wonder if someone out there can confirm something for me
>        Last week I was on holiday in Northumberland, ENGLAND. On
>Tuesday, 29th Oct, at about 18;20hrs GMT, my wife and I were near to
>Alnwick castle. Approx lat/long, 55d 25m N, 1d 41.7m W.
>I wondered if what I had seen was a NOSS trio. At present I have no
>satellite prediction software running, and so I would be much obliged if
>someone could confirm the identity of my "luminous triangle".
>        Are there any favourable up-coming passes for my home location?
>        Whatever I saw left me open-mouthed. It was truly an incredible

Your sighting was almost certainly of the newest NOSS 2-3 trio.
NOSS 6 satellites are much smaller, and usually fainter, and their
pass was about 16 degrees above and to the right of NOSS 2-3, which
came about 2 degrees right of alpha Tri and beta Ari.

According to my SkyMap predictions, beta Ari was passed about 
18:16:30, and the three entered Earths shadow at about 20 degrees
elevation at 18:17:05-11

I will send chart of this pass and some predictions to David.

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