David Chapman (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 20:52:30 +0000

Hi everyone,
        I wonder if someone out there can confirm something for me

        Last week I was on holiday in Northumberland, ENGLAND. On
Tuesday, 29th Oct, at about 18;20hrs GMT, my wife and I were near to
Alnwick castle. Approx lat/long, 55d 25m N, 1d 41.7m W.
        With very little light pollution we were taking in the
marvellous skies when something caught my attention. Low down in the
east, what at first seemed to be a small luminous triangle, was heading
toward the constellation of ARIES. On looking directly at the "object" I
resolved it into 3 seperate objects travelling in unison. I would
estimate the magnitudes to be around 4th.

        Having read various Seesat reports concerning similar sightings
I wondered if what I had seen was a NOSS trio. At present I have no
satellite prediction software running, and so I would be much obliged if
someone could confirm the identity of my "luminous triangle".
        Are there any favourable up-coming passes for my home location?

        Whatever I saw left me open-mouthed. It was truly an incredible

                                David Chapman
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