Problem running Quicksat prediction for Oscar 13

Bill Krosney (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 15:43:20 -0600

It's just not my day.

Running Quicksat 2.10 I attempted to run a prediction for Oscar 13 (Norad #19216).  My .ctl file follows:

 1996 11     Year, month number   (cols 2-5, 7-8)
  0  0       Start date, end date (cols 1-3, 4-6), 0 means prompt
 -0.0 -0.0   Start time, end time, "A" flag (cols 2-5, 7-10), -ve is before
   49.8500   97.2700      700.    Winnipeg, MB.
 -6 CST 24   Correction for UT to time zone, time zone name, 12/24 flag
 2000        Epoch of predicted RA, Dec
 99.0        Magnitude limit
  5          Altitude cut-off value
 0.25        The search/step parameter value
 T           True means accept only most recent elements for each object
 F           True means ignore shadow test
 T  5        True means generate mult pred. points, how many each way
 F           True means output distance values in miles
 T           True means gen. a blank line before each object's prediction.
prompt       'prompt' or up to 5 non-blank flags to select class(es) of object
 A           Output format flag, R/P option, D/C/N option, Azimuth option
quicksat.mag                             Intrinsic magnitudes input file
prompt                                   Output file
prompt                                   Elements input file
EOF                                      End of input file list

Quicksat does the expected prompting, date, Norad values (of which I enter only 19216, hence only running a 
prediction for Oscar 13), the output file and finally the input TLE file.

After I enter the TLE file as prompted for by Quicksat, Quicksat responds with:
"Error: no elements were loaded (none matched flags?)"

I don't see an obvious problem with the file or the specific elset, I can run other predictions for single
satellites.  I'm sure there is a simple answer...what have I missed?  Any clues?

Thanks in advance...Bill