extra line feed or carriage returns in TLE file....how do I clean this up

Bill Krosney (bkrosney@mbnet.mb.ca)
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 15:48:26 -0600

In the past I have received a TLE file from Ted Molczan, read it with a PINE mail reader, forwarded it to my 
work e-mail id and subsequently to my Microsoft mail in-box, and then run predictions from my desk workstation 
(much more powerful than my home unit).  I have not had any problems.

I am trying to streamline this process by doing everything from my work PC.  I have tried with my latest TLE 
file from Ted Molczan to read this file with the mail viewer in Netscape (v2.01) and then "save as" to my PC 
hard drive.

The file looks OK in the Netscape mail viewer, or once saved, when displayed with the DOS "type" command or
viewed with a simple DOS editor.  However, when viewed through something like the Norton Editor, I see
additional blank lines after each text line.  Without a hex view I am not sure if there is an addtional LF or
CR character present.  But there is something present.

While this doesn't appear to cause any immediate grief for something like Quicksat, STSPLUS for example is not
happy with what they see.

What is causing this?

Can I correct this within Netscape, prior to saving?

Is there a utility program which will clean this up for me?

Thanks in advance....Bill

e-mail: bkrosney@mbnet.mb.ca