Sun, 3 Nov 1996 14:36:16 -0500 (EST)

I'm Back.  The last participant in Eurosom to return home.  There are 230
email messages waiting + many messages from before Eurosom that I did not get
a chance to answer.  It will take a while to reply to them all, but I did want
to get this out first.

I enjoyed the first vacation I've had in 5 years.  The talks at Eurosom were
very interesting, but there was something I liked even more.  That was the
opportunity to meet, in person, the many friends made electronically over the
years.  I now have a face and personality to go with the email name that shows
up here.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  It seemed a bit strange
that I had to go to Europe to meet fellow American observers Mike and Paul.

A special thank you to Bart, Jean, Kurt and all the members of the Belgian
Astronomy Group that invited me, and worked so hard to put together a
successful Eurosom.

My wife Judy and I want to give a big public Thank You to:

Bruno Tilchner for accommodations in Paris and bringing us from Paris to
Eurosom in Belgium.

Pierre Neirinck for the copy of the huge RAE Tables.

Bart's parents, Mr. and Mrs. De Pontieu, who went way beyond simple
hospitality by letting a group of Bart's friends take over their whole house. 
They actually moved out to accommodate 5 participants of Eurosom.  Bart is
obviously quite special for them to go to such great lengths to help his

Bart De Pontieu for taking 2 days to drive and guide us around several cities
in Belgium.

Leo Barhorst and his wife for taking a day off from work to show us around

Additional comments:
Something that won't show up in official proceedings is the art work by Bram
Dorreman's talented son that added a 'space' theme to the decorations.  If you
would like to get some space art, check with him.

This was the first long journey I made to be part of an international group of
observers to witness a satellite pass.  To commemorate Eurosom, the following
day, people from several countries had a good view of Mir passing directly 
overhead in Belgium.  How did the Belgian astonomers arrange that?

Jay Respler

Join us at Eurosom *3*, date and location  to be determined.

(Or is it too early for this?)

     Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
                Freehold, New Jersey