What is 23713?; C398

Sun, 26 Nov 95 07:53:00 UTC 0000

>While on the OIG BBS, I found TLE's for the following objects:
>        23712           No TLE
>        23713           No TLE
>According to the latest Jonathan's Space Report, 23712 is 95 60A, a
>military communications satellite called Milstar DFS 2.  JSR says that it was
>launched by a Titan IV Centaur.
>Anybody know what 23713 is?

I would certainly assume that 23713 is the carrier rocket for 23712.


>Anyone else out there in Seesat-L world seen Cosmos 398? It is Norad
>number #04966, and I must tell you it was really bright, I put it at Mag
>1 to 0.... I couldn't believe I was looking at it... SO I checked my
>charts and that was the only thing that was supposed to be there... :) I
>was truly amazed because I have it down on my list as being Mag. +2 on a
>good pass, so I must have gotten lucky....

I saw it a few times back in 1991.  It was in a very eccentric orbit, and
at a distance of few thousand km, it was only mag 7-8.  Since it's much
closer now, it should be much brighter.

Freehold, New Jersey