Sat, 25 Nov 95 08:39:00 UTC 0000

>I work with about 7 elsets, and it gets to be a hassle switching back and
>forth all the time between them... (I use STSPlus BTW), Is there a
>program out there that can take all these files and smash em' all down
>into one huge TLE file?

I also have several different element files.  I use several QUICKSAT Control
files to handle them all.
If you really have to combine them, why not just call them up into your word
processor (I use Word Perfect) and sort to combine them?

>Also some of the TLE's are duplicated and if
>possible, a great feature in any program would be to eliminate and DUPS
>and use the newest one of course... If anyone can help me, that is great!

Eleman will remove Dups.
Freehold, New Jersery