Hello & Question

Kenny J Skidmore Jr (kjs01@www.gnofn.org)
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 20:07:14 -0600 (CST)

Hello all,
	I am Kenny and I am a new subscriber. I am very new to viewing 
satellites and have a few questions.
	I live in Kenner Louisiana and have a great view NORTH over Lake 
Pontchatrain from about 270 degrees to 90 degrees. My southern view is 
somewhat light polluted though :-(.
	I have lots of luck seeing Mir, shuttle and HST by using my 
computer software.  Now here's the question.....

	Sometimes, when I am stargazing with binoculars at 90 degrees 
(overhead), I see a fast moving object moving from about 175 degrees to 
350 degrees (almost directly north). Is this a strange occurence? Am I 
seeing a "polar" sat? I see these objects up to one and a half hours 
after sunset.

	Does anyone know what I am looking at?

Hope I made sense....