Re: Cosmos 398

Bruce Watson (
Tue, 21 Nov 95 12:02:09 MST

>Anyone else out there in Seesat-L world seen Cosmos 398? It is Norad 
>number #04966, and I must tell you it was really bright, I put it at Mag 
>1 to 0.... I couldn't believe I was looking at it... SO I checked my 
>charts and that was the only thing that was supposed to be there... :) I 
>was truly amazed because I have it down on my list as being Mag. +2 on a 
>good pass, so I must have gotten lucky.... 

Cosmos 398 was in a much more elliptical orbit when I first started
observing it about 10 years ago. Since then the orbit has become
more circular and much lower in perigee. I have it listed at +2
and +4 in observations 2 years old. I need to reobserve it. It's
been a companion for many years and soon it will be gone.