re: STS-73 Enrtry 2nd Object?

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Sat, 18 Nov 1995 19:17:03 -0500

> From: (JamesOberg)
> Newsgroups: sci.astro
> Subject: STS-73 Entry 2nd Object?
> Reply-To: (JamesOberg)
> Date: Fri Nov 10 10:44:45 1995

> According to a telephone report from Skeet Vaughn at MSFC Huntsville
> (205-922-5893, email, during the STS-73
> OV-102 'Columbia' entry across the Rockies Sunday morning (Nov 5), a
> team at Socorro, NM observed a faint flickering object preceding the
> Orbiter fireball. Their observation angle was to the north, with an
> elevation of approximately ten degrees above the horizon. They also
> were tracking the Orbiter on radar.

> Corroborative reports from the Taos area (where the passage was more
> overhead) are still being sought.

> The explanation for this sighting remains elusive, with the real
> possibility of a coincidental aircraft or satellite passage probably
> leading the list.

> If the object were Orbiter-generated debris, an explanation is
> difficult. One might expect waste water ice or loose insulation to
> come off during the de-orbit burn (and remain in orbit), but after the
> flip to entry attitude, the next dynamic event is the build up of
> G-forces and aero forces after EI.

> This report remains puzzling and suggestive, but needs independent
> confirmation before one could assume anything more than a coincidence
> with another non-associated object.

> Skeet's observers are preparing a more detailed written report,
> complete with their phone and email access. If you are interested, ask
> him directly via email for further information.

> Jim Oberg

Forwarded by Walter Nissen,


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