Acceleration of 84-109 B (15360) ?

Kurt Jonckheere (
Thu, 16 Nov 95 18:00:08 +0000 (GMT)

Yesterday, I observed this old Kosmos 1655 rocket.  Although the 
object was sometimes hidden by clouds I could measure a period of
13.5 seconds.  
84-109 B 95-10-25 18:41:08.4 KJ  145.4 3.0  10 14.5   hp
84-109 B 95-10-25 20:25:19.7 KJ  145.7 3.0  10 14.6
84-109 B 95-11-04 19:33:12.9 KJ  142.6 3.0  10 14.3
84-109 B 95-11-15 17:28:28.9 KJ  270.9 3.0  20 13.5

The object sometimes has a asymmetric period and is difficult to 
My observations of last weeks indicate an acceleration.  Can someone
else confirm this?

The object is known for its accelerations in the past.  The flashing 
period seems to change in an oscillating way.  Some accelerations
of the past were accompanied with jumps in mean motion.  This time
there seems to be no great jump.

I asked Neil to put a GIF of the flashing period evolution 
on his ftp-site in the directory
I hope it will appear there within a day or so.

91-59B and 92-20B had a jump in Mean Motion last weeks.  I couldn't
check them because 92-20B is invisible from here for the moment and 
91-59B is only visible in the morning.   What about you?

Happy observing,

Kurt Jonckheere (