Re: Need file "sorter"

David Bishop x66788 (bishop@dtc.Kodak.COM)
Mon, 13 Nov 95 08:54:04 EST

> What I need is a program that will scrub a QUICKSAT.DAT file and delete any
> duplicate superceded TLEs.  This should not be too hard to write myself, by
> why re-invent the wheel?  Anyone out there have such a thing?

If your QUICKSAT.DAT file is just a list to TLEs you have a very old
version of Quicksat.

I have a program called "newel", written in Fortran (yah, I know) which
will do what you want.

When I get new elements, in any format, I just save them into a file
and run "newel <filename>".  "NEWEL" assumes a file named "sat.els" exist.
If this file doesn't exist, it creates it.  Then it does the following:

1)  Read master database file
2)  Read new file
3)  If it sees a "1" at the beginning of a line followed by a line
    beginning with a "2", read a TLE.
4)  If TLE is in database, check the date.  If the new one is newer,
    substitued it, otherwise, add to end of list.
5)  Write out TLE list, sorted by NORAD #, to sat.els.

If you want it, I got it.

                            David Bishop

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