Re: confusing satellites / RadarSay

Sun, 12 Nov 1995 19:46:55 +0100 (CET)

Ted Molczan (thanks Ted!) kindly provided the software he uses to 
calculate the Field Entry Angle (FE), which he described in his message 
of Nov 9 on seesat (message 1070). The source code is available at the 
It was written in the Microsoft BASIC PDS programming language; however, 
the source should be readable by programmers who use other BASIC dialects, 
and by those who use other languages, such as C, PASCAL and FORTRAN.

Send a message with Subject: archive get obs/fe.txt 
to receive this file (7 Kb).

Or ftp it anonymously from at

In message 1071 John C. Broman <> wrote:

>My name is John Broman, and I am new to the satellite obs field.  I work in

Thanks for writing your introduction, John. I wish more new subscribers would 
do so.

>Also, Bart referred to SurfSat being attached to the upper stage.  He is
>right.  However, after releasing RadarSat, the second stage does another
>fuel depletion burn, which puts the spent second stage (and therefore
>SurfSat) into a higher orbit.  I'll pass along these parameters when I get 

If you re-read the message you're replying to, you will notice that it
was actually written by Ted Molczan, not by me. I'm sorry for the confusion,
it is caused by SeeSat-L being set up on my personal account. I promise
improvement in the next few weeks. Until then it is best if everyone 
signs his/her message(s) with his/her name and e-mail address *in the body
of the message*. That way there is less confusion (hopefully).

   Bart De Pontieu <>