Re:Radarsat Observations/Elements

John C. Broman, Jr. (
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 23:35:59 -0500

My name is John Broman, and I am new to the satellite obs field.  I work in
the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Orbital Launch Services Project Office.
(How's that for a mouthful?)  Our office is the branch that administers all
Delta and Pegasus launches for NASA.  Even though RadarSat and SurfSat are
not specifically NASA payloads, the were processed as such.  So we had a lot
to do with the launch.  (Half our office was at the launch campaign at

Anyway, my colleage Marisa Achee was the mission integration manager for
SurfSat.  She passed on the following RadarSat orbital info:

Apogee Altitude (nmi)   432.8      
Perigee Altitude (nmi)  422.2 
Inclination (deg)        98.575  
Arg. of Perigee (deg)    69.577    

Also, Bart referred to SurfSat being attached to the upper stage.  He is
right.  However, after releasing RadarSat, the second stage does another
fuel depletion burn, which puts the spent second stage (and therefore
SurfSat) into a higher orbit.  I'll pass along these parameters when I get them.