Program.rob - utility

Mike Rosseel (
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 17:39:01 +0100 (MET)

hi everyone,

Recently I made a program to change the sat-name in a prediction file made
using SAT (made by Patrick Wils). The name of the sat is changed according
to it's classification in the program.rob file, distributed by the BWGS.

A little example :

suppose I made predictions for this evening of two sats :

84- 17 A Time Ra Dec El......
84- 19 B Time Ra Dec El......

And suppose also that the first sat is marked in program.rob as a
beginner's object and the second as difficult. Then those two lines would
be changed in :

84- 17Ab Time Ra Dec El......                                           
84- 19Bd Time Ra Dec El......     

Nothing spectacular, of course, but it does help if you're observing and
don't know which one you'll do next. If anyone is interested, let me know
and tell me a way to make it public (  uuencode, ftp, ... ). 
It's a zip-file of approx 30 Kb containing PC-executable, doc-file and
some test files.

Mike Rosseel