ADMIN: Elements List Moving

Shuttle Elements List (
Thu, 19 Oct 95 17:28:40 PDT

Shuttle Elements Mailing List is Moving!

The Shuttle Elements Mailing List is moving to a new home.  The list
will work exactly the same except that the email address will change,
the listserver commands will be slightly different, and the new listserver
is faster.

If you are already subscribed to the Shuttle Elements Mailing List your
subscription will be moved to the new server automatically.  The only
thing you will need to do is take note of the new listserver address in
case you ever need to unsubscribe or change your email address.

You can forget the password you had from the old listserver, it will no
longer be needed, the new listserver doesn't use passwords.  You can
subscriber or unsubscribe from any address, you don't have to send the
commands from the address you will receive the subscription on.  This
is handy if you have moved and can't send an unsubscribe request from
your old address.

You're probably wondering why the list is being moved.  Well, the list
was running on a private company network server and due to the large
size of the list they can no longer manage the list from their
network.  When you have 1250 people on a mailing list, you get a lot of
bounced mail, people who moved or closed their accounts, down machines,
etc.  When we send out 4 element sets per day during a flight that is
like sending out nearly 5,000 email messages per day, and even if only
5% bounce that's 250 bounce messages per day, and that causes an
enormous problem to the site postmaster.  Especially since I'm no longer
working there to deal with the bounced messages (I recently changed jobs).

The new list is running on a campus server at the University of California
in San Diego (UCSD) who have graciously agreed to host the mailing list.
The address of the server is and the list name is

To unsubscribe from the list send this command to

	unsubscribe shuttle-elts

To unsubscribe from a different address, send the command like this,
putting your email address in place of <email-address>:

	unsubscribe <email-address> shuttle-elts

To subscribe to the list send this command to

	subscribe shuttle-elts

To subscribe and have the list send to a different address from where you
are writing from you can send a command like this:
putting your email address in place of <email-address>:

	unsubscribe <email-address> shuttle-elts

To get information about the listservers commands, send the command "help"
to the listserver.

The old listserver will continue to work up thru the current shuttle mission,
but will be disconnected sometime after STS-73 lands.

For more information about the mailing list, information about observing
the Shuttle, references to Mission Status Information, Keplerian Elements,
Tracking Software and more, see the Shuttle Elements Mailing List Web Page

Your comments are welcome and will be read, however due to the volume of
email I receive I may not be able to reply to everyone individually.


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San Diego, CA, USA       Web page: <>