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Wed, 1 Nov 95 08:17:00 UTC 0000

I thought this item, originally on GENIE, would be of interest:

G.NEMITZ                     at 09:19
 -- This is how I sent jerky to the Mir Station.  Back in August
 friends of mine at International Space Enterprises were going to
 Russia to conduct business with NPO-Energomash.  I was close to
 debuting my product, Final Frontier Jerky, and wanted to be able to
 say as a marketing ploy, "This is the jerky eaten in space."

 I asked my friends to carry four pounds of jerky to NPO-E in their
 luggage, and give it as a gift to the cosmonauts and officers at NPO-E.
 It was very well received by the Russians.  They liked the Red
 Pepper flavor the best.  They gave it over to their medical labs for
 examination and referral for use in space.  I don't know just what the
 lab did.  It was approved for use aboard the Mir Station.

 In early October, my friends at ISE informed me that the Russians
 had contacted them and asked if I would be interested in having them
 film a TV commercial onboard the Mir for the beef jerky.  They
 offered to do it for xx cents per package of jerky that I sold.

 Now if I had gone to the Russians upfront and asked them the do a
 TV commercial, they would have said pay $50,000 up front for their
 cosmonaut time and the shipping cost to send up a pound of jerky.
 But because I was thoughtful and generous in giving them a gift with
 no strings attached, (other then the hope it would get eaten in space)
 the return to me was a very nice offer to help jump-start my business.

 Essentially they are investing $50,000 into my business.  On Oct 20th a
 friend at ISE was going to Russia again.  He hand-carried one pound
 of red pepper jerky to NPO-E.  That jerky is going to the Mir on
 January first.  I'll get the video tape back around the first of February

 I told a friend whom I have done business with in the past that I will
 soon have a TV commercial shot in space for my jerky.  He
 immediately offered to invest $100,000 to $250,000 for TV air time.  He
 has also offered to give his expert management help, to make sure
 the business is successful.

 The last piece is coming together.  Last week a nation-wide
 distributor of meat snacks emailed me after seeing my website.  He
 distributes to Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, Am-Pm, Circle-K, 7-11, etc.
 If we are able to make a deal, Final Frontier Jerky will be available
 nation-wide early next year, everywhere.

 In the meanwhile, you can order it directly from me.  Send email to
 reorder@beefjerky.com and I'll send an order form with flavors and
 prices back right away.  I'll be setting up MC/Visa early next year,
 but until then, you will need to mail a check for the amount with your

 Greg Nemitz

If anyone contacts Greg, please tell him you saw the note I posted.

Freehold, New Jersey