Bright flare from NOSS 3-4 and double flare from FIA-Radar 1

From: Vladislav Gooba via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 00:34:57 +0300
May 24 at 00:47 UT+3 I have observed very quick flares from NOSS 3-4 (A) #31701 and (C) #31708. The flares was -3 mag with duration shorter than second.  Flare of (C) happened at 00:47:00+-1s. Mirror angles of (C) for Heavensat are 60 51.5, elongation from Sun at the moment of flare was 96.5. 
May 24 at 22:54:10 UT+3 +-10s I have observed single flare with two maximums from USA 215 or FIA-Radar 1 #37162. Flare duration was about 2 seconds,  with magnitude of first maximum -1, second 0. Mirror angles for Heavensat are 45 243, elongation from Sun at the moment of flare was 125. 
One more question. How we can calculate flares from rotating surfaces such as solar panels, with unknown pattern of rotation? E.g. for fixed mirrors all the  conditions is off-nadir and yaw angles, what is needed to predict flares from rotating mirrors? 
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