decay or a plane?

From: Jon Mikel (
Date: Thu May 31 2012 - 21:45:18 UTC

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    at 21:36:13, 31/05/2012 UTC i start seeing an non catalogued flying objet
    near the moon of a mag of -3 or -4 fron S to N. the brightnes was
    incredibly steady for the next minute. i dont thing that was a plane, but
    looks like when the planes smokes. i dont thing that was the reflection of
    the sun because of the low altitude of the planes and the low altitude of
    the sun too. can anybody help me with this? maybe was a satellite, but i
    dont thing because the flare was orange colour.
    Jon Mikel, 42.9453N, 2.82839W, 612 meters
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