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Date: Wed May 30 2012 - 06:28:36 UTC

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    On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 8:51 PM, Kevin Fetter <> wrote:
    In one week, it will be time for all those iss passes.
    I show a record SIX VISIBLE PASSES for Friday, June 8 at my location in
    Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
    First pass starts at 8:54 PM, 20 minutes after sunset, peaking at 18
    degrees above the SE horizon.
    Last pass starts at 4:57 AM, 21 minutes before dawn, peaking at 18 degrees
    above the SW horizon.
    Between them, we will get passes that reach 58, 20, 20 and 58 degrees,
    mostly across the northern horizon.
    I saw six visible passes of the old Mir space station many years ago.  I
    think six is the most passes it is possible to see in one 24 hour period
    for satellites with Mir / ISS type orbital declinations and altitudes.
    I'm getting the numbers from GoSatWatch, a truly wonderful iPhone satellite
    tracking app.  It's what I used to dream of back in the PC & printer days.
    I can't recommend it highly enough.
    Crossing my fingers and hoping for clear weather this year!
    Thanks for the reminders, Kevin.
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