Re: The objects of the 2012-025-launch

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Tue May 29 2012 - 19:35:45 UTC

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    Hoi Bram,
    Over the last couple of days I happened to image the 12-025 objects
    quite a few times and they always put up a show.
    Here is a brief overview of the observations:
    38337/12025A/GCOM W1   One pass, steady in brightness
    38339/12025C/SDS-4     Confused with 38346, probably not seen
    38341/12025U/H-2A R/B  Two passes, irregular with brigth flashes
    38345/12025F/H-2A Deb  Three passes, regular short flashes ~9s apart
    38346/12025G/H-2A Deb  Three passes, similar to 38345 on 21st of May,
    irregular on 26th and 29th
    38347/12025H/H-2A Deb  Four passes, irregular flashes
    I agree with your suggestion that objects F and G are fairings, as
    they were very similar in behaviour on the pass of the 21st.
    Below are links to identification plots that my software generates.
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