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Date: Sat May 26 2012 - 20:41:17 UTC

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    In case of the Satellite Tracker 3D.
    25May 23.18BST, "37731 2011-030B CZ-2C R/B" (SJ-11-03 rocket) traveled from Arcturus to Alioth.
    26May 01.49BST, "28646 2005-016A USA 182" (Lacross 5) passed between Arcturus and Alioth.
    26May 02.08BST, "22802 1993-059A COSMOS 2263" passed between Deneb and Altair.
    26May 02.10BST, "26474 2000-047B TITAN 4B R/B" (Lacross 4 rocket) passed between Deneb and Altair.
    How to identify the satellite you saw last night.
    1. Open the Satellite Tracker 3D with sky view and all satellites mode.
    Google Chrome on a not old PC is recommended.
    If you know latitude and longitude of your location in degrees, append them as follows:,longitude
    2. Select your time zone and set the approximate date and time of your observation.
    3. Click the search button to open the search dialog.
    4. Enter the street address or coordinates of your location if you did not specify them yet.
    5. Enter the name of a fixed star which the satellite passed.
    All of the following formats are acceptable: "Sirius", "Alp CMa", "9 CMa", "HR 2491", "HIC 32349".
    The Moon, planets and constellations are separately selectable.
    6. Close the search dialog.
    7. Drag and zoom the screen, to view the exact area of sky.
    8. Type [P] if the number of fixed stars is not enough.
    9. Shift the time by using the following keys until you find the satellite.
    [/]:-20sec, [-]:-5sec, [,]:-1sec, [.]:+1sec, [+]:+5sec, [*]:+20sec
    10. Click the satellite to get more information.
    Makoto Kamada
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