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From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Sat May 26 2012 - 17:46:00 UTC

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    I think there should be TITAN 4B R/B, which is the
    name that has been assigned to 26474 in the DB.
    Here you can check all the objects related to the launch number 47 of year 
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    >Da: corncrake12@yahoo.com
    >Data: 26-mag-2012 19.17
    >A: "seesat-l@satobs.org"<seesat-l@satobs.org>
    >Ogg: Re: R: Re: Ident please
    >Hello Simone,
    >thank you for the pointer to your impressive software, very interesting.
    >Yes it does show my first unidentified of last  night as found by Ted, all 
    very good, thanks guys.
    >I was able to use it to confirm my test observation of Lacrosse5 at 00:50UT 
    >so I have my details set up correctly in it (always a good start :) !! )
    >So I look forward to playing with it some more tonight, condx look good.
    >However it did not show Lacrosse4Rocket, my other test sat, 
    >[ From HeavensAbove:
    >USSPACECOM Catalog No.:    26474
    >International Designation Code:    2000-047-B ]
    >nor my unidentified sat that preceeded L4R by a few minutes :(
    > From: "satrack@libero.it" <satrack@libero.it>
    > You can try also with satflare.com,
    >And here your satellite, which of course corresponds to that already 
    >identified by Ted:
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