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From: MalcolmP (
Date: Sat May 26 2012 - 17:17:20 UTC

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    Hello Simone,
    thank you for the pointer to your impressive software, very interesting.
    Yes it does show my first unidentified of last  night as found by Ted, all very good, thanks guys.
    I was able to use it to confirm my test observation of Lacrosse5 at 00:50UT 26May,
    so I have my details set up correctly in it (always a good start :) !! )
    So I look forward to playing with it some more tonight, condx look good.
    However it did not show Lacrosse4Rocket, my other test sat, 
    [ From HeavensAbove:
    USSPACECOM Catalog No.:    26474
    International Designation Code:    2000-047-B ]
    nor my unidentified sat that preceeded L4R by a few minutes :(
     From: "" <>
     You can try also with,
    And here your satellite, which of course corresponds to that already 
    identified by Ted:
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