Ident Please (I'll get it right in a min!)

From: MalcolmP (
Date: Fri May 25 2012 - 23:22:09 UTC

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    A short time ago whilst casually stargazing in SW England I 
    saw a satellite which I cannot identify on HeavensAbove.
    At 23.16ish BST (22.16UT)
    this evening _ 25May _
     it passed very close to Arcturus 
    (alpha Boo)
    and a short time later very close to Alioth (epsilon 
    Initially bright, rivaled Arcturus which brought it to my 
    later became dim, (maybe mag2 or 2.5) as it passed 
    My location is approx. 51.445N 
    I cant see where I am going wrong on HeavensAbove,
    perhaps I 
    have not got my timezone corrector something,
    so any ideas would be welcome,
    Sorry for clogging up the list with multiple messages :(
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