OTV Changed its inclination???

From: Art Glick (omb00900@mail.wvnet.edu)
Date: Thu May 24 2012 - 17:45:42 UTC

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    Hi Everyone,
    Pardon the ignorance of this casual observer, but doesn't it take a 
    very large amount of energy to change the inclination of an object in 
    orbit (as opposed to orbital height)?  So much so that they almost 
    never do this?
    Isn't that why they almost nixed the final Hubble Repair 
    Mission?  Because the STS wouldn't be able to berth with the ISS in 
    an emergency (due to very different inclinations).
    No doubt, being able to easily change inclination would be an 
    incredibly useful tool, but aside from perhaps the STS, has anything 
    else ever routinely changed its orbital inclination?
    Just wondering.  Again, pardon my ignorance.
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