X-37B (OTV 2-1, USA 226) - observation 21 May 2012

From: Alexander Repnoy (astronom-2003@meta.ua)
Date: Tue May 22 2012 - 21:08:11 UTC

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    Hi all!
    Last night I was able to see the OTV 2-1 again. OTV 2-1 flew at the
    estimated time according to the latest TLE set from the May 18, but in a
    few degrees below the calculated pass. The brightness of the OTV 2-1 was
    about 5 magnitude, so I could see it by the low-power bino. I saw the OTV
    2-1 about ten seconds, then it quickly disappeared, most likely entered
    the Earth's shadow. Unfortunately I managed to make just one point
    relative to stars.
    37375 11 010A   0000 G 20120521190729000 18 25 1112000-210000 18 S+050
    Regards, Alexander Repnoy, Alexandria (Ukraine), 48.6657N 33.1137E 101m.
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