Help with very slow unid

From: Bob King (
Date: Wed May 16 2012 - 13:53:55 UTC

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    Hi everyone,
    Last night I almost thought I was seeing a new nova in Ophiuchus but
    after five minutes, the motion of this satellite was finally
    noticeable to the naked eye. It was located in S. Ophiuchus at 16 h 15
    m R.A. and Dec. -7 degrees and moved extremely slowly to the east. It
    started out at 3rd magnitude and remained there for several minutes
    before very slowly fading below the naked eye limit. 30-second time
    exposure photos show no movement. My observation was at 11:05 p.m. CDT
    from just north of Duluth, Minn. Was this a geosync or ... ? Any help
    on ID would be much appreciated.
    Thank you,
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