Re: Keep track of IGS 1B (Re: IGS 1B about 3 min early)

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Date: Thu May 10 2012 - 18:31:15 UTC

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    IGS 1B is now really difficult at my latitude ;-(
    On May 7 I had a (predicted) pass through zenith when Sun was at -4.45
    degrees, and couldn't find it, just Venus.
    With SatEvo-computed elset at CalSky for July 22, a pass at the same
    solar altitude will be at 10 degrees in the W !
    (actually that pass would be on Jul.26 - on Jul.22 a 56 deg W pass
    could be with Sun at -3.1 deg)
    A zenithal pass would occur with Sun at -2.5 degrees.
    2012/5/1 Marco Langbroek <>:
    > As it is getting lower and lower and nearer to uncontrolled reentry mid-2012
    > (current orbit and SatEvo suggests August reentry date), it is vital that we
    > keep good track of this satellite (03-009B). The orbit is quickly deteriorating
    > and we should strive for a near-continuous coverage to monitor the descend. This
    > could be a nice summer project for the N-hemisphere observers and provide both
    > observers and analysts with an interesting case.
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