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From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Sat May 05 2012 - 17:31:20 UTC

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    Hi Ron,
    double clicking on the sky-chart the program should request the FOV and then 
    open the advanced search page.
    In this case both the observer's coordinates and the date are imported from 
    the program state. Isn't it working?
    You can also manually open the advanced search link (for realtime search):
    in this case, if you want to change coordinates and date, you have to pass the 
    parameters through the URL.
    For the coordinates the following parameter are accepted:
    lat, lon, alt  (units are in decimal degrees and meters respectively)
    The date can be set either using (full) Julian day or date in UTC. The 
    following parameters are accepted:
    year, month, day, hour, minute, second, jd 
    See this example as reference:
    Let me know if you have still problems using the function.
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    >I could not get it to work.
    >The first method the screen just stayed on the ISS
    >On the Advanced search method, I saw no way to adjust the date.
    >Ron Lee
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