Re: STS-134 STORRM Data Unit Failure

Date: Mon May 30 2011 - 03:46:03 UTC

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    Interesting diagram of the STORRM test rendezvous the space shuttle 
    Endeavour will be conducting in a few hours (they are about to undock) at the 
    bottom of:
    Looking at the diagram, as they make their pass over the Midwest US and 
    Southeast Canada (in about five hours), ten minutes after the final separation 
    burn at the end of the STORRM test, much of Endeavour's movement will be 
    down.   Those looking at the pass at an angle from some distance away should 
    see a gap, with Endeavour below the ISS.   But those along the ground track 
    looking from directly below may have a much harder time seeing any gap as they 
    pass overhead, as they will be more closely aligned.
    Jim Cook
    Germantown, MD, US
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