STS-134 STORRM Data Unit Failure

Date: Sun May 29 2011 - 14:45:59 UTC

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    There has been a failure of a data unit important to the STORRM 
    re-rendezvous operation planned for the space shuttle Endeavour following undocking in 
    a little over twelve hours, according to: 
    Since the STORRM test will now rely solely on the Visual Navigation System, 
    I'm wondering if this failure will impact how close Endeavour will approach 
    the ISS and, if so, how far apart they might be as they pass over the 
    Midwest US and Southeast Canada early tomorrow morning?   Following the STORRM 
    test, Endeavour will perform a final separation burn roughly 10 minutes before 
    this pass.
    The write up of this morning's mission status briefing, which took place 
    shortly after the failure was reported, does not mention it at all.   STORRM 
    is briefly mentioned near the bottom.
    We may need to be watching NASA TV's live coverage of the STORRM test to 
    know for sure how far apart Endeavour and the ISS will be when the pass 
    Jim Cook
    Germantown, MD, US
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