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Date: Sat May 28 2011 - 16:25:52 UTC

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    On Sat, 28 May 2011 17:50:47 +0200, you ("Ralf Vandebergh"
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    >Recently Mr Legault presented over this list a page were
    >he Ďanalysedí my images to discredit them.
    With all due respect, just because someone takes a critical look at data
    as it's presented and comes to a different conclusion doesn't constitute
    an intention to "discredit". This is a normal process and shouldn't be
    taken personally. Granted we're all amateurs, but having procedures and
    results peer-reviewed by others is what makes them scientifically
    accurate and reliable. 
    >My presentation of images and animations is not based on subjective conclusions of one person,
    Oh, there is more than one person involved in creating this?
    >but they show what is really captured, and an expert in astro-imaging or even someone less
    >then an expert is able to see what is a seeing artefact or not. This is clearly real:
    The fact alone that every single frame in this animation sequence shows
    a completely different shape should be enough to realize that the
    overall resulution is by and large heavily affected by artifacts. It's
    purely coincidental that one frame shows a shape that somewhat resembles
    the shape of the object as it is already known beforehand, and still
    there's no telling if this one frame is "real" or if it's just artifacts
    adding up out of a chance encounter, while the actual orientation might
    be very much different in reality. It's a nice view and I'm sure a lot
    of work went into capturing it, but the lack of associated data
    unfortunately makes it impossible to tell anything else about it, or
    about the nature of its changing orientation over a period of time, etc.
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