RE: And I thought if Nanosail D was obseved flashing, means it's rotating

From: Paul Grace (
Date: Sat May 28 2011 - 15:57:20 UTC

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    Thierry is allowed to reference images that Ralf is not allowed to
    reference, in a discussion regarding rotation of a satellite.  The
    discussion was not a satellite observation report.
    I cannot find in the list a rule that supports your position Markus.
    I think it's pretty clear what is happening in this case, and it's not
    science, that's for sure.
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    >I don't follow, Markus.  Thierry's message obviously concerns the reporting
    >of hires satellite images.  (It doesn't discuss anything else, actually)
    Well I'm sorry, but I'm afraid don't see what's not to follow there.
    The new rule requirements establish a reporting standard for hires
    observations, just like e.g. reporting points of an orbit or flash
    periods of an object have standardized formats (also including secondary
    parameters such as seeing conditions that allow a conclusion regarding
    reliability and accuracy of the observation). But Thierry didn't report
    any observations, he pointed to an analysis he made of someone else's
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