about frame sequences, images use and copyright

From: Ralf Vandebergh (ralf.vandebergh@home.nl)
Date: Sat May 28 2011 - 15:50:47 UTC

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    Before I definitely disappear from this list the following;
    Recently Mr Legault presented over this list a page were he ‘analysed’ my images to discredit them.
    As a matter of fact, he did not even ask for permission to use the images. I remember an other
    amateur contacting him to use one of his own images for analysis, and he did not give permission.
    The worst is that at the end of his page he concludes with; no real detail, no real color based on his
    own thoughts. 
    My presentation of images and animations is not based on subjective conclusions of one person,
    but they show what is really captured, and an expert in astro-imaging or even someone less
    then an expert is able to see what is a seeing artefact or not. This is clearly real:
    I would ask again to Mr Legault to be so kind and remove the images from his page to
    not force the copyright rules.
    Best regards,
    Ralf Vandebergh
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